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Macleans - Our Biggest News Issue Ever


It’s a funny coincidence. Last week I unsubscribed from Macleans magazine and earlier this week I received yet another confirmation supporting my decision. Macleans proudly stated on the front: “Our Biggest News Issue Ever”.

The magazine flirted with increasing of its size for awhile already and that’s exactly what got me thinking of cancelling my subscription. Every time I received a bit fatter issue bragging about gaining extra pounds, I wanted to throw it back at the publisher. If you don’t want me as your customer, just tell it directly, I won’t be insulted. In this day and age when information overload is every day reality, increasing a dose seems to be rather counter-productive. I have blogs, RSS, twits, wall posts, emails, podcasts, books and e-books to follow, read and provide feedback. Did I mention video casts and presentations? Do you think I have extra time or energy to digest your extra pages? Or even leaf through them? Heck no. I do appreciate reading analysis, investigations and different takes on popular issues but not at an expense of having to spend more time on it when there is so much medium competing for my eyes and ears.

Here is an idea, Macleans. I caught myself thinking couple of times that I would be willing to pay more for thinner issues…


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